Opening the batting

“The moment you hesitate, you are in trouble”. These words by former Australian captain, Steve Waugh, are possibly the most pertinent for the existence of this blog - “Around the Wicket - All things Cricket.”

My name is Shakti Gounden. During the day, I examine teeth, interact with patients and treat decay. By night however, I examine batting techniques, interact with cricket enthusiasts and treat myself to an exquisite Virat Kohli cover drive.

Cricket brings joy to many around the world and I am no different. I have been supporting the game for a good period of time and am certainly aware that the drama is not limited only to the pitch. What happens beyond the pitch adds to the narrative.

I could not wait any longer to share my opinions and to bring another aspect of this wonderful sport to you. Cricket unites people due to its diversity and universality and I hope that this blog can amalgamate facts with insights, emotions and experiences of those involved in the game.

Let’s play!
Around the Wicket!